From first interactions to prints in hand

If you are like me you like to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. This will give you a good timeline to help you through the whole process so you will know what to expect before, during, and after your session.

First contact

We will discuss what type of session you are interested in, dates that work best for both you and I, I will get an invoice sent out to reserve your date and I will send you the contract to sign. We can then set up the next part of your per-consultation.

One week before your session

once we have established your session date, gotten your deposit paid and your contract signed we will set up part two of your pre-session consultation to discuss what is most important to you and to do a quick assessment of what you are most looking to get out of your personalized portrait session. This can be done in-person or via Facebook/email. whatever is easier for you!

The day before your session

I will contact you via Facebook, email, or phone to confirm our session, remind you of session time and address any weather-related or other issues that may arise that could disrupt our session.

Day of your session

Family sessions

  • Don't stress if your kids are running around like crazy, I have three of my own so I know how it is.
  • Don't ask them to look at the camera, snap your fingers/point at me. When I need them to look I will call their name or start making crazy noises.
  • Don't be afraid to cuddle and love your kids. Although I will work my best to get you one or two “grandma poses” where everyone is looking and smiling, this is not my ultimate goal for your session. I want to show your family as they are, the connection and love that you share.
  • Most importantly have fun, photoshoots should not be work, they should be something you enjoy and your family enjoys. If your kids have a horrible time, it's going to be so much harder to get them out to do something like that again.

Couples / Engagement

  • Don't be shy, I know that is strange to cuddle up to your love in front of someone who seems like a complete stranger. Even saying that sounds pretty creepy. But I will work my best to make you guys as comfortable as I can and allow your love to shine through your photos. I have a few tricks up my sleeves that have worked pretty well over the years.
  • Also, guys, take that hat off. Even if only for a few images. It will make your love happy ( and your photographer too ) It's hard to cuddle when you have a bill poking you in the side of the head or smack in the middle of your forehead.
  • Don't be afraid to be silly.

2-3 weeks after your session

You will view your images for the first time at your personalized reveal and ordering appointment where we will get to design artwork to bring life to your home and joy to your family. We will create a collection that will suit your style, decor, home, and we could even throw in a few gifts for grandma or grandpa if you'd like!

5-6 Weeks after your session

The very best part! Your artwork and albums will now be ready for pickup or delivery.